Arizona Weekend Getaway: Visit Mesa


Reserve Time For A Break

They come swiftly. Bringing joy, excitement and a sense of accomplishment even before you fully meet them.

Each is unique. Realized at different times, in its special form, with its own purpose. Each offering a distinct interpretation secretly to its beholder.

Dreams. The involuntary ones that spring up as you rest for the night and the voluntary ones that awaken the spirit of your happiness. Everyone has a dream.

To take a break from reality is necessary. The daily routines and sackful of things you do towards reaching your dreams need you to step back. For when you return, you will bring a new energy and a fresh view to engage in them with. A return from a getaway will make your daily life more meaningful.

The dream to getaway, even for a holiday weekend, is often dismissed as a playful fantasy. The demands of scheduling, budgeting or just taking action towards doing something different for a few days make it hard to take a break. However, let’s ponder at how to make it happen…

Commit to your Travel Dates

Holiday weekends such as Memorial Day, 4th of July Independence Day, and Labor Day are typically the convenient times to travel for most people. However, they can also end up costing you more than you’re comfortable with. Making reservations for your flight, hotel and tickets to attractions as early as possible will save you more money and also commit you to your plans. Once it’s on your calendar, don’t cancel! Make it the blackout date where no other chores or engagements can interfere with.

Pick a City with Accommodations that fit your Budget

Another, more adventurous, option if traveling at the last minute, is to pick a destination that fits the time frame and the budget. If you’re just looking to take a break for a few days to refresh your mind, then why stress about the planning and cost? Some cities may have special events or seasonally frequented attractions (i.e. Spring Training Baseball in Arizona) that draw people from around the state, country or world. Trying to find reasonable accommodations within a price range can be daunting for that quick getaway. But, a simple search on the Internet for hotel rates will give you an idea on which destinations to avoid during your planned travel dates. If your top choices are too expensive, find another destination that fits your plans!

Cities within a few hours from your home can save you the hassle of long lines at the airport and are more accessible for your last minute weekend break. If you commute during your work week and would prefer not to be driving more during the weekend, look into the metro train schedule.

It is easy to find a reason why you should not spend a couple of days away from home. But, once you have committed to your break and decided on your destination, the anticipation will kick in. Let the excitement as the date approaches wander as it will help you focus on making to most of your time during the getaway.

Allow Yourself the Luxury of Doing What You Want

If planning every detail of a trip is stressful, don’t plan!

If sitting at the hotel swimming pool while reading a comics is all you have been wanting to do for the last 5 months, then do it!

If wandering an unknown city trying activities that you never thought of (or even heard of) doing is what will make your getaway  a true break from reality, then let the adventure happen!

The point is, you don’t have to get stuck on what your friends say “you have to do when you visit {insert city}” unless, of course, you want to. Do what you feel like doing on your trip away from the daily without feeling guilty or pressured to try to fit it all in during the few days you have. Remember, you can always come back to do other things and plan in advance for an extended vacation trip!

Travel For Your Dreams

Your dreams are yours. For you to marvel at as you aim towards achieving them. Travel may be your dream goal or it may just be a step towards it. Time off to experience a new town, area or culture should certainly be part of the plan. Remember, the path is just as important as the destination.

Mesa Mezona Hotel is located in Mesa right across from the Valley Metro Light Rail. The Light Rail serves Phoenix, Tempe & Mesa (with further extensions in the works). Local Arizona residents can easily visit Mesa for the weekend for the multitude of activities. The following is a list to browse through for Mesa events and calendar highlights:

Downtown Mesa – Shopping Deals, Art & Music Events, Comedy Shows, Mesa Arts Center happenings.


To explore around the downtown area, guests can rent a bike through the GRID Bike Share. Enjoy a fun ride around town as you come across the art installments and murals around Mesa! Follow this handy guide to find all the sculptures.

Break to Rest in Mesa Arizona at Mesa Mezona Hotel

Adding value to travel is what Mesa Mezona Hotel is all about. It’s geared towards those travelers who are looking for affordable accommodations during their time in Mesa and the surrounding neighborhood cities of Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert & Apache Junction.

Large and clean rooms for restful nights, a swimming pool to cool down or tan beside, free access to WiFi Internet and waking up to a complimentary morning breakfast buffet is how the hotel adds value to those travelers who simply seek a break from their daily reality.

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